Quick Season Start Tracker
Season 21: Trial of Tempests
This tracker was built to guide new and casual Diablo 3 players through a quick season start. Click on the boxes to check off items as you go. Refer to the Progression Tips below the tracker for more information. Use this tracker together with other resources and guides available to you.

Start Lvl 1-39 Lvl 40-70 Post
Create a new seasonal character Choose your leveling strategy
(Tip #3)
Lvl 40: Craft/enchant lvl 70 2h mace with reduced level req.
(Tip #5)
Complete the Season Journey and claim your reward class set (if needed)
Complete challenge rift and open reward bag
(Tip #1)
Lvl 7/10: Check "fence" vendors for +dmg jewlery and other items Lvl 61: Craft armor and weapons at Blacksmith Run low-level Greater Rifts to get legendary gems
Switch to Master difficulty
Equip a pet, wings, and portrait
Lvl 8: Craft a 2h weapon at blacksmith and socket ruby on helm Lvl 70: Equip your fourth passive skill Run boss bounties to stock up on regular gems
Hire templar, take his weapon, give him enchantress weapon Lvl 10: Equip your first passive skill If you have the gold, buy the Hellfire Amulet/Ring plans from Squirt in Act II town
Do a boss bounty for initial items/experience Lvl 20: Equip your second passive skill    
Fully level the Blacksmith
and Mystic NPCs
Lvl 21/23: Craft and equip the Cain/Born sets for +70% exp    
Switch to Normal difficulty
Get Kanai's Cube from Act III - Ruins of Sescheron
Lvl 30: Equip your third passive skill    
Upgrade/extract lvl 70 item
Roll blood shards at Kadala
(Tip #2)
Lvl 33: In group, snapshot and run bounties in a lvl 1 T6 game
(Tip #4)

Progression Tips

Tip #1

Complete the Challenge Rift
The rewards you get from completing a Challenge Rift at the beginning of the season can help you speed up your start considerably. To be able to attempt the Challenge Rift, you need to have at least completed a lvl 1 Greater Rift on any character in your account. Since the Challenge Rift resets every Monday afternoon, make sure you don't complete it in the week the new season starts.

Challenge Rift Bag Contents
Blood Shards can be spent at the NPC Kadala for a chance to get legendary items that grant damage multipliers to your skills, helping you level faster.

Death's Breaths and Gold can be used to upgrade your Blacksmith and Mystic NPCs to max level, among other things.

Death's Breaths and Act Materials can be used in Kanai's Cube to extract legendary powers that can be active for the player without equiping the item and upgrading rare items into legendaries.

Veiled Crystals, Arcane Dust, and Reusable Parts are materials for crafting weapons and armor while leveling.

Tip #2

Roll Blood Shards and Upgrade a Rare Weapon
Rolling Blood Shards

As explained above, you can spend your Blood Shards at Kadala for a chance to get legendary items that grant damage multipliers to your skills, helping you level faster. This is purely based on luck, so you may or may not get what you are looking for. The items you can get from rolling shards at Kadala depend on your class and level. While you can check the complete list of legandaries per class/level by using the Kadala Calculator, I have included some recommendations below.

Upgrading a Rare Weapon

The amount of Death's Breaths you were rewarded allow you to upgrade only one lvl 70 rare weapon to a legendary and extract its legendary power so that it can be available to your character throughout leveling.

Like rolling blood shards, this is also purely based on luck. With most classes, you have a very low chance of upgrading to a legendary item with a multiplier that would help you through your leveling journey. For this reason, this method is most viable for Necromancers and Demon Hunters, unless you want to take the chance at it with another class. If you decide to hold out on ugprading a weapon, you will have Death's Breaths available to cube the legendary powers of legendaries you get throughout leveling. This can help you level a great deal, especially with the Season 20 theme.

In order to upgrade the weapon and extract its power, you will need to acquire Kanai's Cube from Ruins of Sescheron in Act III. You will also need to have your Blacksmith fully leveled in order to craft a lvl 70 rare weapon. I have included some recommendations for what kind of weapon to upgrade for each class below.

Roll Blood Shards
Upgrade Weapon
Barbarian Roll braces at lvl 1 for Bracers of Destruction or Bracers of the First Men and/or rings for Band of Might Upgrade a two-handed mighty weapon for Bastion's Revered, Fury of the Vanished Peak, or The Gavel of Judgment (3/6 - 50%)
Crusader Roll bracers at lvl 1 for Gabriel's Vambraces or shields at lvl 34 for Jekangbord Upgrade a one-handed flail for Darklight, Gyrfalcon's Foote, or Johanna's Argument (3/7 - 42%)
Roll bracers at lvl 1 for Wraps of Clarity or belts for Hellcat Waistguard Upgrade a dagger for Lord Greenstone's Fan or Karlei's Point (2/2 - 100%)
Monk Roll bracers at lvl 1 for Gundo Gear or Pinto's Pride. Upgrade a daibo for Incense Torch of the Grand Temple, Balance, or The Flow of Eternity (3/8 - 38%)
Necromancer Roll rings at lvl 1 for Circle of Nailuj's Evol. Roll gloves at lvl 1 for Grasps of Essence with leftover shards. Upgrade a two-handed scythe for Bloodtide Blade, Maltorius' Petrified Spike, Nayr's Black Death, or Reilena's Shadowhook (4/4 - 100%)
Roll mojos at lvl 1 for Gazing Demise. Upgrade a ceremonial knife for Dagger of Darts, The Barber, or The Gidbinn (3/12 - 25%)
Wizard Roll sources at lvl 33 for Etched Sigil Upgrade a wand for Unstable Scepter, Serpent's Sparker, or Wand of Woh (3/10 - 30%)
Roll/Upgrade Table - The chance to upgrade to one of the items listed is shown as (# of listed items/# of total options - X%)

Note: Other than rolling blood shards for class-specific items, rolling for pants/helms at lvl 1 for Pox Faulds and Leoric's Crown are good options for any class.

Tip #3

Choose a Leveling Strategy
Chosing your leveling strategy will depend if you are playing solo or in groups. Playing in groups is the most efficient since it applies the "Strength in Numbers" buff, which grants you gold find, magic find, and experience bonuses that are multiplicative to any pre-existing stats you have from items. Regardless of which leveling strategy you use, the following tips can help you get experience faster:
  • Equip your highest Ruby gem on your helm to get an experience boost. Ideally, you would equip it in a Leoric's Crown which can increase the experience bonus of the Ruby by up to 100%.
    • Lower gems begin to drop around lvl 15. Once lvl 18, boss bounty chests guarantee gem drops.
    • If you are lucky and find a rainbow goblin while leveling, whimsyshire yields lvl 61+ gems regardless of your character lvl.
  • Craft the Cain's Fate (lvl 23) and Born's Defiance (lvl 21) sets, which grant a +50% and +20% experience bonus, respectively. You will need to find the blacksmith plans to craft these sets.
  • Craft two-handed weapons at the blacksmith every 5 levels and socket a red gem for added power.
Here are some of the most popular leveling strategies:

Nephalem Rifts

While running Nephalem Rifts is the easiest way to level your new seasonal character whether solo or in groups, it is slower than other available leveling options. When choosing this strategy, players can start running rifts in hard difficulty and increase it as multipliers become available.
Massacre Bonuses

Players can get these bonuses when clearing adventure mode content in Acts I-V except when in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts. They are an experience bonus you receive when you kill multiple enemies within a short time in between each kill. When playing solo, some players prefer using this method to level faster. The table to the right shows all possible massacre bonuses and their experience reward.

Recommended maps to clear using this method include:
  • Act I: Halls of Agony Level 1, Level 2, and Fields of Misery.
  • Act II: Temple of the Firstborn Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Act V: Ruins of Corvus.

While this method can be efficient if you are able to keep large massacre bonuses going, clearing the same content can get quite boring.
Name Chain Kills XP Bonus
Massacre 15 1.5x
Vengeful 30 1.75x
Dominant 40 2x
Crushing 50 2.25x
Brutal 75 2.5x
Savage 200 2.75x
Ruthless 150 3x
Vicious 200 3.25x
Bloodthirsty 300 3.5x
Diabolical 400+ 4x
Massacre Bonus Table
The "Cleavers Method"

This method allows you to get an experience boost at the beginning of the season by using map mechanics to your advantage. In order to try this, turn the difficulty to Torment VI and go to Halls of Agony Level 1 in Act I. Go through the map until you find a corridor with big butcher-like cleavers swinging up and down. Attacking and dragging monsters to them will kill them and grant you a considerable amount of experience.

Cleavers in Halls of Agony Level 1 - Act III

If you are working with a coordinated group, you can also consider trying to get a game with a Halls of Agony Level 1 bounty to kill a boss. Succesfully killing this boss with the cleavers will grant you considerably more experience per run. To find bounties more efficiently, have everyone in your group start a game separately and everyone to join whoever gets it.

Tip #4

Snapshot Bounties
This tip can only be done in groups and is only helpful if you are aiming to complete the Seasonal Journey fast as part of your progression plan to get your seasonal set. Following the steps below will allow you to run through Torment 6 bounties substantially faster with no need for additional multipliers. It is recommended to wait until level 33 to do this so all your party memebers have movement abilities, but this can be done earlier as well.
  • A party member must leave the party, create a level 1 character, and open a Torment 6 game.
  • All other party members must join that game. The level 1 party member can now switch back to his lvl 33 character and rejoin.
  • This effectively snapshots the game at lvl 1, making completing the Torment 6 bounties easier.
All party members should be able to one-shot all monsters and bosses in this new game, making completing bounties as part of the Season Journey faster while maintaining the Torment 6 rewards. In contrast, running Torment 6 bounties once you finish leveling will take substantially longer as monsters and bosses scale up to lvl 70.

While splitting up acts between the different group members is the most efficient, consider running boss bounties together to get ruby gems for their experience bonus when socketed on helms. The reward chests from boss bounties are guaranteed to yield regular gems after lvl 18.

Tip #5

Use a lvl 70 Weapon Early
At lvl 40, craft a rare lvl 70 two-handed mace for a chance to use it as early as lvl 40 with reduced level requirement. If you have a legendary offhand with a multiplier, do not settle for a one-handed weapon instead, cube your offhand and go for a two-handed mace.
  • Make sure your blacksmith is fully leveled.
  • For optimal re-roll in mystic, make sure the weapon has a crowd-control as a secondary stat and life per hit as a main stat before enchanting. This will reduce the stat options on re-roll to 3, increasing your chances to get reduced level requirement.
  • Re-roll the other secondary stat (not the crowd-control one) for a chance to get reduced level requirement. Try enchanting the weapon a few times.
  • Enchanting costs increase per try, so enchanting the same weapon multiple times can get expensive. Consider crafting another weapon after a few tries. You will not be using gold for much more other than fence vendors at this point, so feel free to spend as much as you want.
Level 70 Weapon with Reduced Level Requirement
Note: Always check the legendary weapon you upgraded from a rare to see if it has rolled with reduced level requirement. In the event that your upgraded weapon rolls ancient, it can also roll with an extra 10 levels of reduced level requirement (max -40 levels), meaning that best case scenario, you can use a lvl 70 ancient legendary weapon at lvl 30. While it is expensive and it requires Forgotten Souls, you can echant a legendary weapon to try at a chance for reduced level requirement.


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